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08000285085 is a Toll-free phone number from United Kingdom.

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Rating: 3 out of 5 (out of 118 reviews)

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Information about 08000285085

Area code: 800

Phone type: Toll-free

Area: United Kingdom

National format: 0800 028 5085, 0800.028.5085, 0800-028-5085

International format: +44 800 028 5085, +448000285085

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Undisclosed identity
Called twice but left a blank voicemailboth times
Cost trap
Asian male apparently calling to chase BT bill and asked for card payment. I told him I would pay in my own good time and cut him off.
Undisclosed identity
Had probs with email Yahoo - usually stick to BT site but unable to access - went through BT reset password - BT Chat - changed pass etc Received call on landline - do not answer - contacted BT Security they did not recognise number- also had call from mobile 07852 868304 ring tone NOT UK blocked on BT call and protect
Cost trap
2 messages left , asian accents from alledged BT direct debit department advising me to call them with my account details. Not had BT for 6mths and the account is clear, in fact they refunded me money...scam
Harassment, dirty talk
Call from this number at 4.13pm but I let it ring to go to answer phone but when that kicked in the caller did not leave a message, how odd, could be a scam by my reckoning as this afternoon when I had returned from shopping I got a call from an Indian woman claiming to be from BT wanting to verify who I was and said I had an outstanding balance of £11 on my account, in no uncertain terms I told her that until I know what the amount actually refers to I will not pay and she wanted to know when I will pay it, all she kept saying was for my account, also told her that BT keep coming up with figures out the blue when they don't actually explain the reason that led to the alleged amount they claim I owe and in the end slammed the phone down on her. I am not handing over my card details over the phone to anyone claiming to be from BT. Any payments to BT I do directly from by bank account direct into theirs as I know then the money goes into the correct account number and sort code.
Trustworthy number
I have been in a panic all morning after 08000285085 called me regarding a fix to my BT cloud, this was after live chatting to them. I listened to some of the comments here and convinced myself that I had been scammed. I let them remotely access my laptop and they fixed my cloud issue. But when I checked the number on line it came up with all the warnings that it was a scam. I've spent hours changing passwords to protect my bank etc and it was all a waste of time. THIS NUMBER IS NOT A SCAM, IT'S A BT NUMBER AND CONNECTS YOU WITH A BT TECHNICAL PERSON.
Harassment, dirty talk
This number called us a number of times, it was an indian lady who spoke, she asked for our card details to settle the account. we know we dont' have an account with BT, so we called BT and asked them if they knew what she was on about, they verified that it must have been fraud. BT NEVER ASK FOR PAYMENT DETAILS OVER THE PHONE!They have reported this call to the security team.
A simple security question for them is what is our account number? it completely floors them
Harassment, dirty talk
Lady said I spoke to your partner this morning about an outstanding bill - I said you did not and hung up.
Trustworthy number
This was a BT engineer (from a UK technical support centre) who was returning my call regarding a line fault. I do not understand some of the other reports. It may be because the BT caller was from an Indian call centre and there was a communication breakdown but this is an official BT number unless the crooks are spoofing callerID (even if that can be done?).
Cost trap
Called at 9pm today tried to call back said number not recognised an I tried to dial back via 1471 do not trust