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Phone scams? Unwanted calls?

Did you receive a call from an unknown person? Would you like to know who called you or want to report a phone number that harasses you? is a free phone abuse report service that helps you identify and report phone scammers, spammers and other fraudulent phone calls.

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Latest reviews:

01904 404606
Undisclosed identity
No time to answer
York, United Kingdom
01473 256193
Endless calls despite being told nicely at first not to call us and more latterly rather more forcefully. They still call at least twice a month and it is not funny!
Ipswich, United Kingdom
01803 461577
Trustworthy number
Vodafone caller from a local number. Hung up as soon as I questioned who they were
Torquay, United Kingdom
020 3642 8817
They pretend to be your mobile provider then fuk you over wit ha move to O2 on a 3 year business contract.
London, United Kingdom
0121 377 6588
Trustworthy number
Dixons estate agents
Birmingham, United Kingdom
01206 585123
Caller is We Buy Any Car. You have to give a contact number when using the site to get a valuation on a car. Some prat decided to make up a contact number and unwittingly used my mobile number as I received a call from a chap from We Buy Any Car following up my quote ont he site and asked if I wanted to proceed with it. I don't have a car or even a licence. Chap couldn't apologise enough and offered to remove my number from their lists.
Colchester, United Kingdom
07557 634164
Undisclosed identity
SMS message offering password - to what service I don't know as none was specified tho - with some personal info in the password, my surname. Presumably want me to text back enquiring about this strange message...I blocked the number
Vodafone, United Kingdom
020 8549 5036
Silent call from a fake London number so the usual, it might be more convincing if they spoofed a number less than 500 miles from me, or said something, but this scammy nonsense is very much a low/no effort sort of business.
London, United Kingdom
020 8133 7214
Harassment, dirty talk
Awful harassment
London, United Kingdom
07251 006050
Undisclosed identity
Silent call.
United Kingdom

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