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Phone scams? Unwanted calls?

Did you receive a call from an unknown person? Would you like to know who called you or want to report a phone number that harasses you? is a free phone abuse report service that helps you identify and report phone scammers, spammers and other fraudulent phone calls.

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Latest reviews:

01892 556098
Called me, asked if I was Mr XXXX XXXX, then hung up.

I don't even live in the UK so not a random dial mistake, treat as dangerous!
Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
01706 242840
Harassment, dirty talk
Called 6 times, never leaves a message when I have picked up they hang up, I've read it's safestyle Windows
Rochdale, United Kingdom
01202 879317
Cost trap
Scammers wanting £149 for fake cold call blockers
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
07727 146877
Cost trap
Three, United Kingdom
01626 818363
Directory? Wanted to confirm the business details!
Newton Abbot, United Kingdom
020 3807 5605
Aggressive advertising
London, United Kingdom
029 2085 3500
Undisclosed identity
Cardiff, United Kingdom
0141 230 9003
Debt collection
seems i have a debt .......dont think so my credit report has been clean for last 25 years... Zinc can go take a run and jump if they think im going to give in to their harrassment calls for money maybe a swift kick between the legs will remind them the public will not stand for this type of harrassment any longer
Glasgow, United Kingdom
01273 917845
Unsolicited marketing phone calls from a company who doesn't seem to be aware of or care about contacting numbers registered with the TPS.
Brighton, United Kingdom
029 2085 3500
Trustworthy number
automat call my work landline internal number.. asking for someone who's name I can't even repeat..
Cardiff, United Kingdom

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